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Keep your car ice free and support this independent black school serving the Bronx for over 40 years.


Easily clear your vehicle of ice or frost, this bear claw ice scraper has a 4 inch blade to clear off windshields or windows. The flat design allows this ice scraper to store away easily when not in use, but is light and portable to use in an emergency.

The Learning Tree Bear Claw Ice Scraper

  • Save time removing ice or frost of your windshield and windows with the help of this windshield ice scraper. Great for any vehicle that is parked outside during winter months, the clearing blade measures 4 inches to remove a large portion of ice or frost off your vehicle at once. The entire piece measures 10 inches in length, and the compact design allows this flat car ice scraper to store away easily. This bear claw ice scraper is constructed from lightweight plastic, allowing it to be easily portable. Colors may vary for this ice scraper.

    • Bear Claw Ice Scraper
    • 4 in. blade for clearing ice or frost
    • Overall length: 10 in.
    • Construction: Plastic
    • Flat design to store easily
    • Hole for hanging
    • TLT Green
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